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Speech Therapy Checklist
Speech Therapy Checklist (From Robert E Owens Jr 1996 “Language Development – An Introduction”)


  • Looks intently at a speaker
  • Listens to voices
  • Establishes eye contact with mother
  • Quiets when held and also quiets when hears human voice (1 month)
  • Makes going or gutteral sounds (2 months)
  • Visually searches for sounds (3 months)
  • Smiles spontaneously (1 month)
  • Turns when hears human voice (3 months)
  • Responds vocally to the speech of others (3 months)
  • Makes predominantly vowel sounds (3 months)
  • Coos single sound syllables (consonant vowel)
  • Vocalises to indicate pleasure and displeasure
  • Laughs, gurgles, squeals, cries, screams
  • Responds to familiar faces – visually discriminates different people and things and recognises mother (3 months)
  • Begins exploratory play- explores own body (3 months)
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Speech Therapist
What does a Speech Therapist do?

This is a good question! For starters, the title is misleading – Speech Therapists do more than provide therapy for “speech”. A more apt term might be “communication therapist” but even then, there are areas of the profession that are excluded.

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