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Communicate Words, Communicate Thoughts, Communicate Life

Making the impossible, possible

Lifespeech Children

We believe everyone – children and adults – should be able to read, comprehend and communicate. That’s why we are committed to empowering those with speech and language problems to find their lost words and unspoken thought, and express them effectively.

Imagine the loneliness and frustration of a child who cannot be understood by those around him. Be it speech or language disorder, hearing impairment, swallowing difficulties, dyslexia or autism spectrum disorders, early intervention is vital. Through comprehensive assessment and diagnosis, we offer the right therapy and support for those who are battling with these disorders, and let them know that they are not alone.

Over the years, we have seen many positive changes to individuals who have taken up our structured programmes that employ a variety of specialised techniques. Some of these positive changes include improved self-worth and increased confidence in interacting with others.

At Life Speech, we love life with a passion, and thus, we want to leave no one out when it comes to sharing and participating in it.

Vision & Mission

Communicate Life!

Life Speech - Small GirlSeeking a dependable speech therapist in Singapore? Consider Life Speech for its assessments and variety of treatment options.

We believe in the importance of communicating life to those around us — this means positive feedback, encouraging and motivating words, sharing experiences and learning to see the bright side of things, in spite of occasional difficulties. More basic requirements than all these are — making requests, asking questions, and responding appropriately in various situations. These are all speech and language concerns which affect our quality of life and interactions with others.

We see positive change and significant improvement taking place for individuals who have speech, language, and swallowing difficulties, as they progress and grow together with Life Speech. This happens over periods of targeted and meaningful practice and we are excited to share the joy experienced by our clients — by providing comprehensive assessments and effective intervention using a variety of specialized techniques. We also provide training and consultation on specialized techniques for clients and professional educational therapists.

Early intervention is vital!