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Golden Silence Project

Golden Silence

We believe in the importance of communicating life to those around us. Positive feedback, verbal encouragement, motivating words, sharing of problems and even learning will seem quite impossible without the gift of speech. We want to emphasize on the importance of interpersonal communication which will be essential to a better quality of life.

In the recent years, the rapid advancement of technology had bring interpersonal communication to a whole new level. Connectivity between people from two ends of the world has been made easy and they are able to communicate with a simple push of a button on a device. As these conveniences seem so effortless to us, this brings us to the question: Has life been so easy for us until we have forgotten that we possess the gift of speech? What happens to those unfortunate peers who failed to possess the ability to talk? Hence, my project would like to re-educate members of the public, especially youth from the younger generation, to open up to their love ones, express and talk to them more, and to help them understand more about the importance of speech that we, may have taken granted of.

Most of the youths (especially the younger generation) of Singapore have the luxury of highly advanced portable devices which enables them to have interpersonal communication without using speech. There are times when youths do not use speech for social interactions (such as making friends with a stranger or even asking for directions) as efficient as the previous generations. Therefore, the main goals of this project aims to facilitate:

  • Increased awareness of the value of speech.
  • Promote the use of speech to communicate (especially to their love ones).
  • Appreciation for the gift of communication