Speech Therapy for Children & Toddlers

At Life Speech, we focus on enabling people to communicate in the best way they can through a total communication approach. Our language and speech therapists in Singapore provide assessment and treatment for autism, stuttering, articulation disorders, phonological disorders, language disorders, dyspraxia/apraxia, dysarthria, and more. We also conduct paediatric speech therapy for feeding disorders, dyslexia, reading and writing disorders and other related areas.

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Our Services


Screening & Assessment of Abilities related to Speech, Language, Feeding, Literacy, Voice & Social Skills


Timely Treatment for Problems concerning Speech, Language, Hearing, Feeding, Dyslexia & Autism Spectrum Disorders


Provision of Product Training, Workshops & Certificate Courses for Professionals & Caregivers

Community & Projects

We at Life Speech are committed to serving our community through communication projects locally and internationally.

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